Using Predesigned Pages in Storybook Creator 4.0

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How to Start Scrapping Digitally

It’s easy to get started with scrapping digitally. All you need are photos, your imagination, and this software. It’s ten easy steps between beginning and publishing.

  1. Browse through your photos and decide on a theme. Maybe you’re creating a scrapbook of a dance recital or of your son’s baseball season.

    Tip: Remember that you do not need to scrapbook every photo, so pick your favorites to showcase.

  2. Select an Art Kit that reflects your theme. If a default Art Kit doesn’t quite fit the bill, you can purchase and download other Art Kits. You can also create blank pages and create your own design from scratch.
  3. Browse the Content tab in the Tabs panel to find backgrounds and designs that complement your photos. Experiment with paper combinations until you find the perfect design for your theme and photos.Tip: You can mix and match papers within different art kits and add your own elements as well.
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  4. As you start to design your page, choose a photo or two to showcase. Select a well composed photo with sharp edges, bright colors, and good lighting.

    Tip: You can use the tools in the Format Photos ribbon to spruce up your images.

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  5. Now you can cut, shape and mat your photos. You can mat your photos with multiple mats or wide edges and easily create shapes. The Cutter tools work just like scissors or punches. Because you’re working digitally, you don’t have to worry about cutting a photo. Your original image file is preserved and StoryBook Creator 4.0 makes its own copy.
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  6. You can now add text. A scrapbook is not finished until you have expressed your thoughts. Your scrapbook should evoke pleasant feelings years from now, so make sure you really capture the moment in your narrative.
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  7. It’s time to add embellishments. Embellishments are decorative objects that help fill in the page and define the mood. Use these items sparingly, as you don’t want them to detract from your photos and story.
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  8. Check your layout. Is it balanced? Does it flow nicely from one side to the other? It’s easy to rearrange in StoryBook Creator 4.0, because nothing is adhered to the page.
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  9. Create as many pages as you need. When you are finished, make sure you review your entire book carefully.
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  10. You can print the scrapbook yourself or order with a service for printing and binding. You can also print individual pages to add to your existing scrapbooks.
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See how easy it is to scrap digitally? No glue, no mess, and you can re-use your items in future scrapbooks.


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