Importing Freebies or Jpeg in Storybook Creator 4.0


Create Art Kit

You can create your own personal library of favorite elements, including papers and embellishments. You can save free art, art you personally created, or single elements saved from your projects or created elsewhere. You can view your Personal Art Kits in the Content Manager.

All of your saved and created items need to be stored in a Personal Art Kit.

Create a New Art Kit

To create a new art kit, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Content Manager
  2. From the Folders in Library panel, right-click Personal Art Kits.
  3. Select Create a new personal art kit.
  4. Enter a name for your kit and click OK.
  5. You can add elements directly from this screen.

Adding Items in Content Manager

You can add items directly from the Art Kit window by using the Content ribbon:

Item Method
Paper Import a graphic (.jpg, .png, .bmp, .tif or .gif format) to be used as a paper.
Embellishment Import a graphic to be used as an embellishment.
Shape Import an existing shape (in .pash or .shape format).
Create a new shape with the editor.
Edge Import an existing edge (in .pash or .shape format).
Create a new edge with the editor.
Corner Import an existing corner (in .pash or .shape format).
Create a new corner with the editor.
Color Use the Color Picker to create a color.

Adding Items from the Work Area

You can add an element to a personal Art kit from any page:

  1. Right-Click on object.
  2. Select Save in personal art kit.
  3. Choose options and click Save.



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