A bit about me

Hi, my name is Lisa and I’ve been a Creative Memories Consultant for 7 years know and a stay at home mom of 2 beautiful children. I fell in love with the traditional Creative Memories Scrapbooking and now I’m completely in love with the digital. As a mom I know that time, money, space, creativity are some of the barriers that keep us from preserving our precious life memories in scrapbook photo albums. I have seen lots of changes over the past 7 years, but they’re all for the better! Creative Memories now includes products for any type of Memory Preservation that you want: Traditional, Digital (our Storybooks), and our Slip-In Pocket albums: Picfolios! We also have Home Decor Display Wall Frames and Quick Books!

Creative Memories is different from the “scrapbook store” approach to scrapbooking. My role, as a Creative Memories Consultant, is to help you past the barriers:
• Time: I offer customer-tested organization systems and speed tools.
• Money: I sell high-quality; long-lasting products that will help you preserve your memories for generations. I also offer many opportunities for you to earn free product!
• Space: Workshops and cropping events provide a spacious, away-from-home setting for cropping alongside other scrapbookers.
• Creativity: No pressure to be creative – we support all scrapbooking styles from simple to decorative!
Creative Memories offers so many opportunities to the novice as well as the “career scrapbooker”. My role is to help you do it!
I am excited about sharing this wonderful company and their wonderful product with you, or you and a few friends. I can show you how to get started. Just call or email me today and I will get back to you…

Our Storybooks make a fantastic gift for a family reunion, wedding, baby shower….and you can order multiple copies! Contact me for a one on one introduction to this exciting new concept!

Email  me today and let me know your needs! or visit http://ca.mycmsite.com/sites/lmlyman/default.aspx


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  1. grace mandry
    Sep 30, 2012 @ 22:10:20

    Hi Lisa,

    My name is Grace Mandry and I noticed that several poems which I had offered to Denny Davis.net were on your poetry list (Weddings). Unfortunately, I am presently suffering through the worst days of my life as my wonderful husband of 46 years passed away two months ago. After completing some time-sensitive obligations, I plan to create a Tribute Album for him. I’m hoping that will help me to cope with my loss. I was wondering if you would be interested in more of my scrapbook poems. I offer them freely in the hopes that they may be of help to other scrapbookers, like me, who find consolation and joy in this wonderful, creative craft.



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