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We feel that each of these Inspirations is an important area that contributes to a well-balanced life. When you can find simple, practical ways to grow stronger in one of these areas, that’s fabulous. We can help. Let Creative Memories products help you with inspirations and fast track ideas or consider a Creative Memories business of your own and tap into our growth and development opportunities.

House to Home

Make your HOME an inviting place to thrive
• Let Creative Memories products help you…
– Surround your family with affirmation and images of love.
– Make your home a vault full of memories and celebrations that your whole family can count on.
• Or consider a Creative Memories business of your own and…
– Be present with a home-based business you control.
– Earn the resources to make amazing things possible for your family.




Strengthen RELATIONSHIPS with family and friends
• Let Creative Memories products help you…
– Raise the next generation of happy, healthy kids.
– Showcase and reinforce the best in your marriage.
– Preserve timeless friendships.
• Or consider a Creative Memories business of your own and…
– Forge lasting friendships with like-minded customers and co-workers.
– Enjoy knowing that you’re helping others to strengthen their own relationships.



Feeling Good

• Let Creative Memories products help you…
– Celebrate the way a good photo can just make you feel better about yourself.
– See the way that photos and journaling can be powerful tools for goal-setting and tracking.
– Create family cookbooks filled with nutritious favorites and family albums that celebrate healthy habits.
• Or consider a Creative Memories business of your own and…
– Win beautiful rewards and incentives like recognition trips.
– Get up, get out, and start meeting new people.


Fulfill your DREAMS and aspirations
• Let Creative Memories products help you…
– Start a bucket list and celebrate each drop!
– Celebrate your own dreams while you help others.
• Or consider a Creative Memories business of your own and…
– Seize the opportunities.
– Earn the recognition and the rewards.


Coming Soon Memory Manager 4.0

Why Creative Memories?

Host a Party in May!! see what you can get!

Earn free productsHosting a Creative Memories Party gets you more than just a warm, happy feeling. It gets you free products and great rewards. Check out the chart below to see how.
Host Rewards


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When sales at your party reach $300, as our thank-you for hosting you’ll receive these Reflections File Mates (a $26 value) absolutely FREE!
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About Creative Memories Videos

We love photos. They help us celebrate our greatest moments and remember the special people, places and events that make up a well-lived life.

Creative Memories products help you share your photos through paper and digital scrapbooking products, photo gifts and quick & easy photo display and organization solutions.

Visit our youTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/CreativeMemoriesVids/featured to see everything new plus get great tips on how to use our products. Also visit Creative Memories.com for great scrapbooking products.

Have fun Scraping!!!

National ScrapbookDay April 27-May 5, 2012

Are you ready to party?! It’s time for the National Scrapbook Day celebration, April 27 – May 5! Here are even more reasons to celebrate during your NSD parties:

  • 25% off select album pages and protectors 
    35% off 12×12 Cardstock (excluding Decorative Cardstock)Available on CMOnline, creativememories.com or your Personal Website
  • 35% off digital artwork downloads (StoryBook Creator or universal format)
    25% off trimming and tearing tools
  • 15% off additional pages for Hardcover StoryBooks and lay-flat page upgrades
    15% off Page Prints and Custom Album Pages as well as their corresponding product credits (10-packs) 

642659 12-Inch Rotary Trimmer $26.25
643157 Small Wavy Blade: $6.00
642661 Wavy Blade: $6.00
643161 Deckle Blade: $6.00
642662 Straight Replacement Blade: $6.00
642663 Scoring Blade: $6.00
642664 Perforating Blade $6.00
647864 Postage Stamp Blade $6.00
648381 Pinking Blade $6.00
649287 Scallop Blade $6.00
642660 Replacement Mat Strip $5.25
642969 Personal Trimmer $18.75
646206 Hummingbird Personal Trimmer $18.75
629419 All-Purpose Scissors $4.50
624385 All-Purpose Scissors (3/pack) $12.75
646974 Paper Edger $7.50
637120 Tearing Tool $8.63
644342 Wavy Tearing Tool $8.63
647080 NOD Scallop Tearing Tool $8.63

25% off select album pages and protectors 
Available on CMOnline, creativememories.com or your Personal Website

637332 12 x12 White Scrapbook Pages (15/pack) $13.50
637340 12×12 Natural Scrapbook Pages (15/pack) $13.50
637348 12×12 Black Scrapbook Pages (15/pack) $13.50
637336 12×12 Spargo Scrapbook Pages (15/pack) $13.50
637378 12×12 Page Protectors (15/pack) $7.13
638484 12×12 Side-Loading Sleeves (15/pack) $21.00
637353 8×8 White Scrapbook Pages (12/pack) $9.75
637364 8×8 Natural Scrapbook Pages (12/pack) $9.75
637369 8×8 Black Scrapbook Pages (12/pack) $9.75
637358 8×8 Spargo Scrapbook Pages (12/pack) $9.75
637389 8×8 Page Protectors (12/pack) $4.50
638479 8×8 Side-Loading Sleeves (12/pack) $14.25
648606 13×9 Multi-Pocket Pages (10/pack) $9.75
645023 12×12 Large-Pocket Pages (15/pack) $15.75
639274 11×14 Large-Pocket Pages (5/pack) $8.25
639275 11×14 Multi-Pocket Pages (15/pack) $15.75

15% off select digital products

• Page Prints (all sizes)
• Page Print Product Credits (ordered on creativememories.com or your Personal Website) 
• Custom Album Pages (all sizes) ordered on the Digital Center
• Custom Album Page Product Credit (10/pack) (ordered on creativememories.com or your Personal Website)
• Extra pages and lay-flat upgrades on all Hardcover StoryBooks ordered on the Digital Center

Sale prices effective 12:00 a.m. (CT) April 27 through 11:59 p.m. (CT) May 5, 2012. http://ca.mycmsite.com/sites/lmlyman

Memory Manager 3.0


Product Image

The good thing about digital photography is taking as many photos as you want. The bad thing is dealing with all of those pictures later! Use Memory Manager 3.0 to easily organize, cross-reference and fine-tune your digital photos so they’re ready for your next project when you are. English only, PC compatible.

Minimum System Requirements: Operating System: Windows XP Service Pack 3, or Windows Vista (all editions), or Windows 7 Processor: 800 MHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor System memory (RAM): XP – 512 MB, Vista – 1 GB Monitor: 1024 x 768 resolution or greater with 32-bit color Disk space: 1 GB free space on system drive; As needed on system drive or other drive for memory vault storage. Other: Mouse or other pointing device; high-speed Internet connection is recommended

NOTE: Actual requirements and product functionality may vary based on your system configuration. We recommend saving your photos and Memory Vault to an external hard drive if your computer system does not meet the system requirements listed above.

You will receive a link to download the software and the QuickStart User’s Guide once you place your order. We recommend a high-speed Internet connection in order to quickly and successfully complete the download.
This is licensed software and may only be installed on one computer.
This software is not supported in markets outside the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada.
You are purchasing a download. Once your order is placed it may not be cancelled or returned.
English only, PC compatible.



  • Software
  • QuickStart User’s Guide


  • Organize your digital images from digital cameras, scanners or CDs using virtual Power Sort Boxes
  • Store digital images and journaling with the exclusive Memory Vault feature
  • Organize and store your audio (.mp3, .wav, .wma) and video clips (.avi, .wmv, .mpg, .mp4, .mov)
  • Image enhancement features such as color correction, red eye, cropping and much more
  • Preplan your PicFolio Albums and journaling
  • Produce album-ready photos and journaling boxes
  • Print your digital images online or at home with the click of a button
  • Keep track of printed or non-printed photos using the one-of-a-kind PrintTrack feature


Universal Format Artwork from Creative Memories

We are adding more freedom to digital scrapbooking by unlocking some of our digital artwork to create new, universal artwork format. Universal artwork format is a collection of JPG and PNG format files. This format is a great option for Mac users or anyone with scrapbooking software besides StoryBook Creator. Look for the “unlocked” symbol to indicate universal artwork format. If using StoryBook Creator view our StoryBook Creator Artwork here.

Product Image


See Creative Memories New product for Tradition and Digital Scrapbooking for March 2012

See are March special On Power Pallets (1 month. 100s of papers at 30% off)

Party Booking Bonus
Host a party this month and, when your sales reach $500 and one of your guest’s books a party, you’ll unlock this exclusive offer. Use $100 of your free product credit on the beautiful Enchanted Booking Bonus Package – filled with beautiful new Enchanted products. It’s over $170 value, and it’s available only to our Hosts. When two guests book parties, you’ll unlock an even bigger package!

Looking to go Digital see our new appreciation program

See our Digital Solutions
What kind of fantasticness will you create today? With Creative Memories’ variety of digital offerings you can create unique photo books, calendars, page prints, cards, posters, custom projects and more. The possibilities are endless.

We offer convenient ways to help you digitally create and enhance projects. Select our exclusive scrapbooking software accompanied with beautiful artwork that gives you unlimited customization options. Or select our time-saving, drag-and-drop templates online at our Digital Center.

Capture memories with your computer instead of papers and pens! Our exclusive scrapbooking software lets you create custom photo books, cards, page prints, calendars and more. Pair it with Memory Manager Software for a complete, seamless solution to store, organize and celebrate your photos.


Starting today every new digital customer will receive a free digital kit named Winter 2011 Customer appreciation digital kit. Plus till the end of March order any digital product and get an addition free digital embellishment kit named Winter digital appreciation Embellishment, for PC and Mac.

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