Growing up page

I love using the growing up pages to start a new album, especially for my kids, as it shows you how much they’ve change and grown during that year, it’s also nice if you do that with family picture as well, if you are making a yearly Xmas album you can do, as I do, take a early Xmas family picture and start your album with this pages with the family photo of this year and the year before, it show you how much every one as change and it’s a great way to start an Album.

made using: Storybook Creator 4.0, Fabulous digital Power paletteFabulous All girl digital addition and Fonts: Kingthings Flashbang and Kristen ITC

From a 8×8 or 12×12 album simply add Fabulous digital paper 27 as background;

Then add 2 Empty frame, lock ratio at 5×7 and click on Format Photo tab, click on select mat and choose Fabulous all girl p4 as mat fill;

for my border I used Fabulous all girl p1 an I used the cutting option wand in Cut and fill tab to remove the white background;

Then simply add embellishment from Fabulous All Girl add. (butterfly-green), (butterfly-yellow) inverse, (crown) and (flower) re-size as you wish;

Add journaling (title) is made with Kingthings Flashbang font and (journaling) is made using the Kristen font;

this project can be make using any Addition pkg you want, simply keep the Empty frame as is and mix it up a little 😉

Happy Scrapping!!


Emily bubble Bday!


Page 1 made with: Storybook Creator 4.0, Croquis/ Pages Planners 1, Fabulous All girl digital addition and Fonts: Kingthings Flashbang and Tuna and Hot Dogs on Rye

From a 8×8 or 12×12 blank page use Croquis/ Pages Planners 1 to set up page, use Fabulous all girl p2 from Fabulous All Girl digital Add for background add Empty frame from Insert tab and right click on Empty frame and select Aspect ration and Landscape 8×10 format and Lock Aspect ration and re-size to fit page as shown;

From Insert tab Insert, Insert Content shape, Square and re-shape as rectangle and rotate about 5-10 degrees on you left (as shown) from cut and fill tab, click on Color and select a shade of blue or another color ( I choose blue because my little one was wearing a blue dress) and repeat for send blue square;

From Insert tab and another Empty Frame; resize as shown and rotate like blue square;

Add journaling boxes as show by clicking on Text from Insert tab; add text and photos and embellishment (Butterfly – Yellow) from Fabulous All Girl digital add and Dragonfly from Summer digital appreciation Embellishment (Free gift from me with your 1st digital order)


Page 2 made with: Storybook Creator 4.0Everyday Predesigned pages 12×12 and Fabulous All girl digital addition

From a 8×8 or 12×12 album add a page12 from Everyday Predesined page 12×12 and delete middle left coulomb photo frame (as shown);

Change background and replace it with Fabulous all girl p2 from Fabulous All Girl digital Add and delete right bottom embellishment;

Replace yellow rainbow confetti with Fabulous all girl pm2 (you will need to add to page and re-size to fit existing shape and move back  so it will be behind the Photo frames);

Add photos and Embellishment (Butterfly-Yellow) – Flip Horizontally; (Flower) re-size as needed and (LookAtMeGo)

and you are done!!!

Happy Scrapping!!!!

Miss Emily à la Cabane à Sucre

Made using Storybook Creator 4Grunge Graduation Digital Kit (know see our Universal collection: We are adding more freedom to digital scrapbooking by unlocking some of our digital artwork to create new, universal artwork format. Universal artwork format is a collection of JPG and PNG format files. This format is a great option for Mac users or anyone with scrapbooking software besides StoryBook Creator. Look for the “unlocked” symbol to indicate universal artwork format.),  and font: Curlz MT

a layout done in 5 mins… try our Storybook Creator 4  free for 30 days

Sweet & Simple Enchanted Digital Scrapbooking Layout

Ingredients (Canada):

How to Create:

  1. Add Enchanted paper 2 to the background.
  2. Place your photo on the page and flatten it. Now take your custom cutter (Cut&Fill – Custom )and  cut around the photo leaving just a bit of an outline around your subject. Use the Soften Edge Filter (Format – Filters) to soften the edge of the photo as shown. Enlarge it and place it on the Left side of the page as shown.
  3. Next cut a circle out of paper 4. Use the paper tear function (Cut&Fill – straight – paper tear) to tear around the circle. This will take quite a few tears as the function only works in straight lines. Just place the line in one small edge of the circle and tear it and work your way around). Place it at the top right as shown. Shadow it and place the Gem – Red embellishments as shown on top. Then add the Flower Med Teal, Flower Med Cream and Flower -Sm Red flowers on top of the circle as shown. Shdadow them all. Take the opacity down a bit so they don’t stand out quite as much. (format – opacity) Place the Glitter Dot Cream embellishment on top of the Flower Med. Cream flower as shown and shadow it. Now add the Ribbon Red embellishment as shown. Take the opacity down.
  4. Using the Mutlu Font add a text box and write your name using the matched cream on the page. Shadow it with the all around shadow so that it stands out (I shadowed it and flattened it and shadowed it again a few times to get the desireed effect).
  5. Place the Ribbon Teal embellishment on the right side of the page under the circle and flower embellishment you have created and take the opacity down.
  6. Next take the Memories embellishment and using the custom cutter (cut&Fill – custom) cut off the word Memories to leave just the swirls. Using that and the swirls from the Live Simply embellishment (take it off the same way with the custom cutter and change it to the red in the first swirl) Place them around the right and bottom sides of the page as shown. I flipped them and rotated them. There are quite a few of each. You may need to play with this a bit to get the desired effect. Take the Opacity down a bit so that they are not as dark.  Add the Flower-lg Striped and Flower-sm white embellishments within the swirls as shown. Take the opacity down a bit.
  7. Take the Sweet & Simple embellishment and place it on the page. Using the wand tool cut out the & sign and change it to the teal color that is on the page. Change the words to the cream on the page and then flatten them all together again. Shadow them with the all around shadow and place it on the page as shown.
  8. Create 5 text boxes and use the Ma Sexy, Angelic War, Narnia BLL, AnkeCalligraphic  Fg, and Designer fonts to write your desired journaling. Make two of them the teal on the page and vary the sizes of the fonts. Place them as shown and shadow them with the all around shadow.  Add the Burst Red embellishment as shown on the words you created.

HOT March day…

made using: StoryBook Creator 4.0Fabulous All Girl Digital Additions and font Curlz MT

10 questions about adoptions

These questions will help you organize your thoughts on a process that may have taken years and still felt like a whirlwind. In this case, we’ve phrased the questions like? (Depending how open your adoption is, consider getting notes, photos and input from the birth parents to answer this question.) Do I have any brothers or sisters? Did my birth family love me? As though they were coming from the child. In fact, for this album, try using these questions literally as page or chapter headings – posing the questions your child will likely want answered and then giving your honest, heartfelt answers.

Remember that each adoption is unique and personal. So realize that you’re going to have to modify these questions to suit your circumstances. But use these questions as a framework and be as open and inclusive as your situation allows! As you read each question, jot down a few thoughts on index cards or on the computer.

  1. Where did I come from? Different city? Different state? Different country? What’s it like there?
  2. What was my birth family? These questions will help you organize your thoughts on a process that may have taken years and still felt like a whirlwind. In this case, we’ve phrased the questions like? (Depending how open your adoption is, consider getting notes, photos and to answer this question.) Do I have any brothers or sisters? Did my birth family love me?
  3. Why did you decide to adopt? Did you try to have a baby on your own first? Or did you just feel like God was calling you to take in a child who needed you?
  4. Why did you pick me? How did you now I was the one? What were you looking for?
  5. How did you find me? How did you decide which adoption agency to work with? If I was born in a different country, how did you decide to look there? How long did it take to find me?
  6. What did you do while you waited? Did you already have everything ready? Were you scared? Anxious? Excited?
  7. What was it like when we met? Were you excited to get the news? Did you have to travel? What was the trip like? What did you think the first time you saw me? How did I react?
  8. How did you pick my name? Where did it come from? What does it mean? Did I have a different name before? Tell me about it.
  9. What was it like for us all getting used to each other? How did I like my new home? What did I do that you weren’t prepared for? How did I get along with any siblings or pets? Did I warm up to my new family right away or did I make you work for it?!
  10. Will you love me forever? Will you?

For more on Adoption Album see our Creative Memories Ten questions Idea book vol2 and Happy Scrapbooking!!!

Adoption Album

Where did I come from?

There aren’t many questions that make parents gulp and cringe quite like, “Where did I come from?” But for adoptive parents, that one question opens up a whole box of more questions.

Every adoption is its own unique story of anticipation, acceptance, understanding and love. These 10 questions can help you create an album that celebrates that story and all its many heroes.

Adoption album types

The whole adoption process is filled with blessings, questions and emotions. Along the way, we’ve found a couple of points where an album can help clear things up and keep things moving.

  • Introduction albums. This is an album that a prospective adoptive family creates to give agencies, attorneys, birth parents and adoptive children a way to quickly get to know them.
  • Birth parent updates. Adoptive families create an album like this to keep birth parents and foster parents in touch as the adopted child grows. Often, an album like this is created and sent a page or two at a time.
  • “My life story” albums. This is the type of book we’ll be profiling in this chapter. It’s meant to explain to a child the story of how he or she came to be a part of the family.
  • International adoption albums. Adopting a child from another country carries its own set of challenges. So an album like this takes the “My life story” idea and runs a few extra miles with it. What was life like for the child before the adoption? What was the adoptive family’s trip to get their new child like?

Stay tone for 10 questions about adoption and Adoption Layouts.

Happy Scrapbooking!!!

My all about me album

Ingredient: StoryBook Creator 4.0, Delight Digital Power Pallet, font:  VTKS Dear love and Century Schoolbook

Girl Rock layouts

Three generation’s of girls




Using layout from Creative Memories Inspire me Idea book vol. page 10, Storybook Creator 4, The Best of digital kits (available true me only), Delight digital power pallet, font: Amaze and CordiaUPC


This layout is great for sisters, girl friends… remember to have fun and make it your own!!!


Happy Scrapbooking!!!

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