Gratitude Paper Pumpkin Fall Project Idea



Nancy O’Dell 12×12 Gratitude Paper and Photo Mat Pack 
Brown Dual Tip Pen
1 Roll Bathroom Tissue
How to Create:

Cut thirty 1″ x 10″ strip of the Gratitude papers.

Adhere each strip (top and bottom) on the inside of the tissue roll.

Overlap each paper as you continue around the roll.

Fold a green photo mat in half. Cut a half oval to create leaves. Use the Brown Dual-Tip Pen to doodle on the leaves. Adhere to the top.

Cut a green photo mat into 1/4″ wide strips. Curl the paper around the Brown Dual-Tip Pen. Adhere the ends at the top.

Cut a green photo mat to 3″ wide. Curl around your finger to create the stem. Adhere inside, filling the width of the hole.

Using a tissue, rub ink from the Brown Dual-Tip Pen on the edges, stem and leaves to cerate an aged effect.
Finished Size: 5″ x 6″
Project Designed by: Jill Klasen


Frightful Halloween Witch Hat Project Idea


Using any Autumn 12×12 paper (this project was made using Frightful Halloween Specialty that is discountinued)
Frightful Halloween Embellishments 
White Cardstock 
Black Dual-Tip Pen
CCS Jumbo Scallop Circle Pattern
Scoring Rotary Blade CA
10″ strofoam cone
hot glue gun

How to Create:

From White Cardstock, cut a base circle using the blue blade on the outside of the large circle.

Score two 9″ x 12″ pieces of green web paper every inch across. Accordian fold and fold in half. Repeat for other also. Form the two pieces into a circle and adhere together. Adhere to the white circle.

Using the inside of the Jumbo Scallop Circle, cut the orange circle pattern paper. Adhere.

From the polka dot pattern paper, cut a circle using the blue blade on the outside of the large circle. Adhere.

Cover the cone with a black pattern paper as shown. fold the tip over. Adhere to the base with hot glue.

Adhere the green paper ribbon around the base of the cone. Trim down 1/4″ every inch around. Fold over.

Cut six various size circles of desired papers to create the flower. Crush them up and adhere together.

Print “Witching You A Happy Halloween” title on White Cardstock. Cut into strips and adhere to the hat.

Ink a tissue using the Black Dual-Tip Pen and rub over edges to create a vintage look.

Finished Size: 9″ x 12″

Project Designed by: Jill Klasen

Making amazing paper BOW’S!!

Looking for a great paper Bow for your greeting cards!!! Here is a great way to make some!

Best way to start is by making a template. True you don’t HAVE to, but it make’s the whole process a lot easier in the end, plus you can keep it and take  it out next time you want to make a paper bow 🙂


1. Start with a strip of cardstock. You want it to be as wide as you want you’re bow to be and twice as long.
2. Fold the cardstock strip in half, then in half again.
3. Put two marks on the cut edge of the cardstock, dividing it into thirds.
4. Draw straight lines in from your marks, about as long as they are from the edge of the paper. Then draw curved line to the edges, meeting the edge about 2/3 of the way to the fold.
5. Cut along the lines you’ve drawn through all the layers of cardstock.
6. Open to reveal your finished pattern.

7. To start making your bow, trace your pattern onto a piece of paper.
8. Cut it out.
9. Place a small piece of dimensional adhesive in the center, fold ends in and adhere. If you’re using a cardstock use the multi purpose tool to help you, to avoid holding marks.
Starting to look like a bow!!


10. Place another piece of dimensional adhesive on the front center, cut a small strip of matching paper wide enough to cover it and adhere.
Looking even more like a bow!


11. Now to make the tails. Trace the end of your bow pattern on a piece of paper that is as long as you would like your ribbon tails to be.

12. Trim and cut the end as desired. I’ve added a dovetail to mine, but you might prefer just a diagonal cut. Repeat for the second tail.
13. Adhere your tails to the back of your ribbon and voila! A perfect paper bow.

Classic School Stickers Card with Bookmark Project


Classic School Stickers 
Royal Blue Cardstock
Green Cardstock
Cranberry Cardstock 
White Cardstock 
Cheerful Designer-Print Paper
Cheerful Storybox
Circle Maker
Black Swirly ABC 123 Stickers
Postage Stamp Rotary Blade
Foam Squares

How to Create:
Cut a piece of Royal Blue Cardstock to 8″ x 8″. Cut a piece of Green Cardstock to 3-3/4″ x 7-3/4″. Adhere. Cut a yellow dot Cheerful Storybox to 3-1/2″ x 4-1/4″. Adhere to the bottom of the card.

Cut a piece of White Cardstock to 3-1/4″ x 4″. Using the Circle Maker, punch a large half circle at the top as shown to create a pocket. Adhere carefully along the sides and bottom only.

Adhere the globe, backpack and ruler stickers. Adhere the lunch bag sticker with a Foam Square. Print journaling or title on White Cardstock. Trim and adhere.

To create the Bookmark:
Cut a piece of Cranberry Cardstock to 2-1/2″ x 6-1/2″. Using the Postage Stamp Rotary Blade, cut a piece of yellow checked Designer-Print paper to 2″ x 6-1/2″. Adhere.

Using the Circle Maker, punch four small circles from White Cardstock. Adhere a star sticker and black Swirly ABC 123 Stickers. Using the Black Dual-Tip Pen, add dots around the edges of the circles. Adhere the circles as shown.

Fold a scrap piece of the yellow Cheerful Storybox in half and adhere under the circle as a ribbon.
Finished Size: 4″ x 8″
Project Designed by: Jill Klasen

Cakes & Candles Birthday Cake Scrapbook Project Idea

Cakes & Candles Birthday Cake Scrapbook Project Idea

Looking for a fun new decoration for your kids Birthday or any Birthday… well this is a great deal of fun to either do for the kids or with the kids for a special Birthday!!

Cakes & Candles Display Accents
Cakes & Candles 12×12 Additions
Reflections Tone-on-Tone Papers 
Enchanted Epoxy Stickers
Wave Border Maker Cartridge
Banner Chain Border Maker Cartridge
Scallop Stitch Border Maker Cartridge
Frame Chain Border Maker Cartridge
Foam Squares
Round Paper Mache Boxes
How to Create:

Cover three round paper mache boxes using a variety of Cakes & Candles paper.

Use various Border Maker Cartridges to punch papers to use as edging on the cake layers.

Adhere the pennant banner around a layer of your cake.

Adhere Reflections Paper Flowers with a red Enchanted Epoxy Sticker in the center.

Adhere candle stickers around a layer of your cake.

Use a small dowel to adthere the pennant to the top and personalize as desired. Punch a small hole on the top layer of your cake to add your pennant.
Project Designed by: Melissa Ullmann

Let’s Celebrate! by Aly Dosdall

Hello! Aly here again to share some fun birthday projects with you.

Before the end of the summer, we will have celebrated three birthdays at our house. And one of them is a “big” birthday, which in our family is every four years–4, 8, 12, 16. That means lots and lots of friends and a huge celebration. That also means I’ve got to get my act together and start planning!

I was so thrilled to see the release this month of the new Stamper System with the Birthday Wishes stamp set. My mind filled with ideas for invites, crafts, and party decor. I love the fun sentiments and adorable artwork, but I also love that these stamps coordinate with some new additions and work together with some tried and true Creative Memories tools to make projects adorable and easy.

Full set
I decided to get a head start with some simple but cute invites using the Just Because Card Set, the Be Young 6×6 Stack Pack, the Be Young Girl 12×12 Additions, and some embellishments from the Enchanted and Fabulous power palettes. Whenever I’m making a large quantity of the same card, I try to keep the design simple and easy for quicker assembly time.
Card set

The Birthday Wishes Stamp Set comes with an outer stamp and several interchangeable inner stamps. For these cards I used both, but you can also use them separately.

Stamp options
The Stamper System allows you to also change ink cartridges. You can choose between solid color ink carts or mulit-color–one for the inner stamp, and another for the outer stamp. Loading the stamps is easy as 1, 2, 3: find the notch at the top of the stamp, line it up with the notch on the base smooth side up, press down with the stamper and you’re ready to go!

Loading stamps

Just press the stamper base down to stamp your image on light colored cardstock and it always leaves a perfect impression. No re-do’s necessary. And I’m not a great stamper, so I really appreciate that!

Stamp image
If you use the outer stamp, you can cut out your image with the 2-inch circle pattern and the blue blade from the Custom Cutting System. Then you can single or double mount the image with your favorite papers using the green and red blades with the 2-inch pattern.

Small circle pattern
If you only use the inner stamp, the Circle Maker fits perfectly for punching out your image and mounting it.  Just center your image in the 1 1/4-inch circle viewer to punch it out, and use the 1 1/2-inch circle to punch your mounting paper.

Circle maker

Next I created a fun place holder/party favor by trimming a 12×12 sheet of Be Young Girldesigner paper to 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, folding it into a fortune teller (remember those?), turning it up-side-down, and filling it with candy. (If you need a refresher course on how to fold a fortune teller, you can click here.) I used a lollipop stick for the flag, which you can find in the baking aisle of your local craft store. I used just the outer stamp this time so I could write the children’s names inside.

Place holder
The multi-purpose tool from the Tool Kit worked great for getting nice creases as I folded the fortune teller.  Just rub the long end of the tool gently along the fold with the text side up.

Multi purpose tool

Finally, I created a special party hat for the birthday girl using 12×12 Green Apple Cardstock, 12×12 Be Young Girl Addition paper and stickers, and the Just Because Card Set.

Party hat
I created the hat by cutting two circles from cardstock using the inner track on the Jumbo Circle Pattern with the red blade.

Jumbo circle pattern
Then I rolled each circle tight at one end and adhered them together. I embellished the hat with paper, stickers, a die cut card, a little bling, and a stamped image. Then I added a tassle at the top by trimming fringe into a 1 3/4 x 2 inch strip of paper with the precision scissors from the Tool Kit.

Cut fringe
Then I rolled the fringed paper up tightly, taped it, added some adhesive and stuck it in the tiny hole at the top of the hat. Pulling some of the fringe down helps make it looks fuller.

With all the stamp sets available for the Stamper System, the possibilities are endless. I hope these ideas inspire you to get out that Stamper System and start creating!

What to change it up a little for a boy use Be Young Boy 12×12 Additions instead of  Be Young Girl Addition

Happy Scrapbing!!!!

Cakes & Candles Birthday Owl Scrapbook Project Idea


Cakes & Candles 12×12 Additions
Brown Cardstock
Espresso Cardstock
White Cardstock
Black Cardstock
CCS Circle Patterns
CCS Oval Patterns
Scallop Circle Maker
Circle Maker
Sweet Heart Maker
Huimmingbird Maker
Starburst Pocket Punch
Postage Stamp Place ‘n’ Punch
Petal Multi-Maker
Blossom Place ‘n’ Punch
Ribbon Maker
Snowflake Mini Pocket Punch

How to Create:

Using the blue blade on the outside of the large CCS Oval Pattern, cut an oval from Espresso Cardstock.

Using the blue blade on the inside of the large CCS Circle Pattern, cut two circles from White Cardstock. Use the Brown Dual-Tip Pen and a tissue to ink the edges of the circles. Adhere, overlapping onto the top of the Espresso oval.

Adhere onto a piece of Brown Cardstock. Trim around leaving a 1/4″ mat.

Make the following punches:
6 – Hummingbird Maker for feather on sides of face
2 – Sweet Heart Maker for ears
4 – Ribbon Maker for feet
MANY – Blossom Place ‘n’ Punch for feathers on tummy
1 – Postage Stamp Place ‘n’ Punch (fold into triangle for beak)
2 – Scallop Circle for eyes
2 – Circle Maker, large & small – Faom Square together for eyes
2 – Starburst Pocket Punch for eyes
3 – Blossom Place ‘n’ Punch for ruffle of birthday hat
1 – Snowflake Mini Pocket Punch for top of hat
4 – Petal Multi-Maker (cut in half) for on arms

Adhere and layer all theBlossom Place’n’ Punches for the feathers on the tummy. Cut a thin strip of Espresso Cardstock to cover the start of the feathers.

Using the red blade on the inside of the largest CCS Oval Pattern, cut an oval from Espresso Cardstock. Cut another using the green blade from Brown Cardstock. Adhere together. Cut in half. Adhere as the wings.

Assemble the eyes together using Foam Squares and adhere.

Use the red blade on the inside of the large circle, cut a pattern paper for the party hat. Fold the sides back to create a triangle. Adhere a snowflake at the top and a cupcake sticker with aFoam Square.

Adhere the rest of the punches.

Finished Size: 8″ x 12″

Project Designed by: Jill Klasen and Tara Dickinson

Altered Cheerful Valentine Kraft House Project

Cheerful Valentine Addition
All-Purpose Scissors
Foam Squares
Brown Dual-tip Pen

How to Create:
Purchase a 3-D kraft color house purchased from local craft store. Sample is 6″ x 7-3/4″ x 1-1/2″.

Cover the front of the house in pink heart pattern paper.

Adhere a 5″ x 2-1/4″ strip of “Love” pattern paper across the front under the roof.

Adhere the “Love” border sticker along the bottom. Cut off excess, using an All-Purpose Scissors.

Using Foam Squares, adhere the tree sticker on right hand side.

Apply “Happy Valentines!” sticker above the “Love” paper strip.

Apply “Feb 14” sticker, as shown.

Apply birds on branch and xoxo sticker just above.

Using aFoam Square, adhere the heart flower sticker in the upper right corner.

Doodle, drawing lines along the border to roof top using a Fine-tip Black Pen.

Finished Size: 6″ x 7-3/4″ x 1-1/2″

Project Designed by: Shawna Webster

2012 Reflections Journal Project Idea

2012 Reflections Journal Project Idea

White Cardstock
Reflections Designer Print Paper
Reflections Tone on Tone Paper
Reflections Title Stickers
Reflections Paper Flowers
Reflections Paper Tags
White Simple Monogram Stickers
Foam Squares

How to Create:
To create the front & back covers, trim two cardboard packaging to 7-1/2″ x 9-1/2″, adhere both pieces to back side of two 12″ x 12″ Reflections Designer-Print Paper, centered. Fold all four corners towards the inside of cardboard, then fold and adhere all four sides to cardboard using Tape Runner.
Adhere 7″ x 9″ piece of White Cardstock to the inside of both covers to hide seams.
Punch two holes on one side of each cover, one 3″ from top & one 3” from bottom.
Use covers as a guide to punch holes in 7-1/4″ x 9-1/4″ Reflections Tone-on-Tone Paper & White Cardstock to use for page inserts.
Put book together using binder rings.
Affix White Simple Monogram Stickers to front cover.
Cut white Reflections Paper Tag in half. Adhere 1/2” above title & affix Reflections Title Sticker across top of title & to hide seam.
Embellish with Reflections Paper Flowers using Foam Squares.
Finished Size:
7-1/2″ x 9-1/2″ Journal

Project Designed by:
Cindy Liebel

Reminisce Christmas Tree


Reminisce Christmas Addition
Brick Cardstock
Circle Maker
Foam Squares
All-Purpose Scissors

How to Create:
Use the Brick Cardstock as a base. Wrap it around the styrofoam cone and adhere.

Once the cardstock is adhered, cut off all extra paper with All-Purpose Scissors so the cardstock is flush with the styrofoam cone.

Using the Circle Maker, begin punching 1-1/2″ circles from various pieces of the Reminisce Christmas Additions. You should have approximately 55-60 circles total.

Using the Circle Maker, punch approximately (11) more 1-1/2″ circles from the Reminisce Christmas paper, leaving a 3/4″ straight edge on the bottom of each circle.

Peel 3 stickers from the sticker sheet (I chose the red “Merry Christmas”, “Tis The Season”, and “December 25″ stickers) and apply to red pattern paper. Use the 1-1/2″ Circle Maker to center over the sticker and punch to make them circular.

Starting at the bottom of the cardstock covered styrofoam, adhere the straight edge circles with Tape Runner adhesive, overlapping each circle by approximately 1/4″ to cover most of the cardstock base.

On the second row start using the full circles and begin the row in between 2 circles from the bottom row. Alternate circles randomly for a colorful effect throughout the tree.

Adhere the sticker circles near the center, but not all together.

Continue adhering circles until they come to the top of the cone. The top row of circles should go above the cone by 1/2”.

Free-hand cut (or trace) 2 stars from the red patterned paper. Adhere stars together using Foam Squares.

Place a straight pin in between the stars, securing with Foam Squares and stick into the top of the cone.

Finished Size: Approx. 13″

Project Designed by: Christa Paustenbaugh

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